love a great video of soccer tricks in honor of the world cup 


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Selfies are all the rage. Imagine they were back when these famous photos were taken. Great idea from the Cape Times newspaper with simple copy “you can’t get any close to the news.” 

I’m a sucker for great print ads.


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"I think it’s actually an awesome time for women to be doing this crazy job…This is an interesting moment for you, Young Female Creatives in Advertising. The ground is shifting. I’m confident that someday soon you’ll just be seen as Regular Ol’ Creatives in Advertising."

— An Open Letter to Young Female Creatives: You’re in Demand, So Take Advantage of the Opportunity

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Bangalore-based art student Aakash Doshi has created “History of Mac,” a series of minimalist illustrations of Mac computers from the 128K to the iMac. More of the colorful illustrations can be viewed at Aakash Doshi’s Tumblr blog.


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